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Welding and metalworking

One of the fields in which SOMPRA, s.r.o. uses its many-year experience is welding. We provide our customers with TIG/WIG, MIG/MAG and MMA welding methods. Work that is done well always depends on quality workers, that is why all the services we offer are carried out by our qualified workers (welders) with years of experience, who take regular training and examinations.
Metal surface spraying, with powder colour removal in burn-off oven
We have our own spraying and painting booth with YOKI STAR YS-30 heating. We provide surface treatment of metallic and non-metallic materials (components), damaged parts of the machines and equipment by spraying and painting. Using the painting booth we ensure the final treatment of products that must meet the required quality parameters prescribed by the customer. If necessary, we also use the painting booth to clean and dry machine equipment.
Pressing under nitrogen
We provide pressing under nitrogen with the equipment and a container with length of both 800 mm and 1000 mm for cooling in a nitrogen bath.
We carry out these services on conventional lathes, horizontal and vertical milling machines. Currently we have expanded the machine fleet by CNC 5-axis machining centres and CNC lathes.
Bending, sheet rolling and CTN cutting
We perform bending, rolling and cutting of sheets with a thickness of 6 mm and a length of maximum 3000 mm. Welding (Expertise proven by State Examinations) (CO, TIG, MIG Steel, Stainless Steel in 17 Classes, Aluminium, Dural.

Our welding and metalworking services include:

Jedným zo smerov v ktorých spoločnosť SOMPRA, s.r.o. využíva svoje dlhoročné skúsenosti sú aj zváračské práce. Naším zákazníkom poskytujeme zváračské práce metódami TIG/WIG, MIG/MAG a MMA. Kvalitne odvedená práca vždy stojí na kvalitných pracovníkoch, preto všetky práce ktoré vykonávame, vykonávajú kvalifikovaní pracovníci (zvárači) s dlhoročnými skúsenosťami, pravidelnými školeniami a skúškami.
Structural design solution, Elaboration of technical documentation
Production of frames, steel structures, weldments
Locksmith elements, supporting steel structures
Emergency welding/repairs
Bending of metal sheets with the thickness of up to 6 mm and length of up to 3000 mm
Cutting of sheets with the thickness of up to 6 mm and length of up to 3000 mm
Rolling of metal sheets with the thickness of up to 6 mm and a length of up to 1500 mm
Wet spraying – we have own YokiStar spraying booth available
And other services ...