Overhauls of presses

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Servicing and repairs of presses

We provide servicing, medium repairs and hauls of hydraulic presses for car and truck tires, as well as injection presses, perforating presses for other industries. We also provide servicing, medium repairs and hauls of mechanical – kinematic presses for car, truck and tractor tires. Within the servicing and repairs we also provide electrical inspections of presses. We own a testing facility where we test new hydraulic cylinders before they are mounted on a press. From the tests of hydraulic cylinders protocols with specifications on the achieved and prescribed technical parameters are elaborated. Individual repair types are provided on a turnkey basis within the following scope:
Partial dismantling of the press at the customer.
Transport of partially dismantled press parts to our company.
Complete disassembly of the press in the company.
Making of drawings of newly manufactured press parts - according to the dismantled parts.
Elaboration of drawings of hydraulic cylinders using new sealing and guide components (Chesterton, Merkell).
Production of new carrier parts.
Repair of the press parts, that will be used at the subsequent assembly.
Manufacture of new hydraulic cylinders.
Assembly of newly manufactured press parts.
Pressure testing of newly manufactured hydraulic cylinders.
Complete replacement of performance and control elements of the tire – FESTO are most often used elements.
Complete replacement of hydraulic controls - Rex-Roth, Vickers, Parker, Hydac controls are used.
Any construction work that is necessary for the reinstallation of the press at the customer.
Complete assembly of the press in our company.
Functional testing of the press in company with the participation of the customer.
Possible modifications of the drawing documentation with regard to the actual state of the connection.
Partial disassembly of the overhauled press.
Transport of the partially dismantled press to the customer.
Complete assembly of the press at the customer's site.
Functional and technological testing of the press at the customer.
Warranty service.
Our services

Installation of new presses

We also provide complete installation of new presses directly at the customer. We provide this service on a complete turnkey basis and within this the scope of work is always agreed in advance.
Preparation of the bed for the storage of new press - cooperation with an external construction company.
Transport of partially dismantled press parts to own company.
Unloading of the press from the vehicle and its transport to the place of installation.
Installation of base plates.
Mechanical assembly of the press parts.
Assembly of the pneumatic elements.
Electronic appliance installation.
Cooperation in machine reviving and testing.