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Operational maintenance

We also provide services that are related to the breakdown of production technology, when it is necessary to repair it as quickly as possible. Such repair requires the production of a new damaged component, respectively it is necessary to perform the repair directly on the machine. For this purpose we have our own production capacities and a network of cooperating companies. This type of services include:
Close contact with the maintenance and manufacturing staff - close contact means mutual 24-hour telephone availability.
Preparation of our own employees to join the repair staff no later than 1 hour after the customer has call
Preventive informing of our own workers about the possible failure of production technology and way of its provisional repair, so that the production loss is minimized.
Provision of own production capacities for the time necessary for the solution of the breakdown situation.
Ensuring the time coordination of our cooperating companies who assist us to manage and solve the breakdown situation as quickly as possible.
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Manufacture of technological equipment for the rubber industry

Due to the time wear and tear of some technological equipment or due to their planned replacement, we ensure the production and assembly of such equipment in terms of time wear and tear, as follows:
The relevant equipment is dismantled.
The technical parameters of the original equipment and the requirements for the new equipment are specified.
We check the availability and status of the original equipment drawings.
If no documentation is available, complete disassembly of the individual parts of the equipment is performed for the individual parts.
On the basis of the previous activities the drawing documentation is elaborated. The new equipment is produced according to that documentation.
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Handling technology services

For works that require handling with heavy loads, we own handling equipment: forklifts with a load capacity of 3.5 – 12 T, transfer technology transfer car with a load capacity of about 60 T and a handling platform with a travel height of 9.5 m. We also offer rental of the above-mentioned handling equipment.
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Assembly services

We have many years of experience and expertise in the assembly of machine technology for lines, presses and conveyor systems.
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Electro hardware services

We realize the production of switchboards, wiring connectors and wiring for technological equipment, reviving of technological equipment and its commissioning. Electro software services – we develop operating systems (programs Alan Bradley, Beckhoff, Siemens)