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Throughout its whole existence SOMPRA s. r. o company has been mainly engaged with the provision of machinery technology for the rubber industry in the field of pressing, automotive and power industries.
When it comes to special works we cooperate with production companies and technical companies. As part of our internal policy, we prefer material storage on the basis of order. We adapt our services to the requirements of our customers.
The company establishment by a group of Škoda Plzeň employees in the Czech Republic
The beginning of production. Locksmiths services. Machine repairs
Expansion of the business in the metal machining
The company focused on the repair and maintenance of presses
Cooperation with Continental Barum s. r. o. CZ
The establishment of SOMPRA s. r. o. company in Slovakia
We started to cooperate with Continental Matador Truck Tires s. r. o. company in Púchov
The company focused on overhauls of presses
Own construction design for production, assembly and commissioning of the so called automatic press plant
Construction of own operation place with office and production premises in Púchov
Cooperation with SES Tlmače a. s., start of cooperation with Continental Matador Rubber s.r.o. company.
Building of our own paint shop

We adapt our services to the requirements of our customers

We strive for all our customers to be not only a reliable and quality partner able to provide a turnkey solution, but also to build business relationships on friendship and trust. Well done work always depends on quality workers, therefore all the work we do is carried out by qualified workers with years of experience, regular training and examinations.

A reliable and high-quality partner

Work that is well done always depends on quality workers, that is why all the services we offer are carried out by qualified workers with years of experience, who take regular training and examinations.
ISO 9001
Quality certificate

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