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Overhauls of presses


# Servis a opravy

Servicing and repairs of presses

We provide servicing, medium repairs and hauls of hydraulic presses for car and truck tires, as well as injection presses, perforating presses for other industries. We also provide servicing, medium repairs and hauls of mechanical – kinematic presses for car, truck and tractor tires. Within the servicing and repairs we also provide electrical inspections of presses. We own a testing facility where we test new hydraulic cylinders before they are mounted on a press. From the tests of hydraulic cylinders protocols with specifications on the achieved and prescribed technical parameters are elaborated. Individual repair types are provided on a turnkey basis within the following scope:
# inštalácia nových

Installation of new presses

We also provide complete installation of new presses directly at the customer. We provide this service on a complete turnkey basis and within this the scope of work is always agreed in advance.